Our Adventures

Woodpecker Course (Purple)

Obstacles: 10
Zip-lines: 2
The Woodpecker course is constructed with platforms at an average height of 1.2m above ground to enable adult assistance where necessary. This course builds confidence and independence in young Tree Top Adventurers as they move from platform to platform across various challenging obstacles and two zip-lines.

Kingfisher Course (Yellow)

Obstacles: 15
Zip-lines: 1
The Kingfisher Course was specially designed for adrenaline seeking Tree Top Adventurers with platforms constructed at an average height of 3.5m above ground with 15 obstacles and a medium zip-line to experience the thrill of zip-lining through nature.

Eagle Course (Red)

Obstacles: 20
The brave Tree Top Adventurers out there, older than 12 years of age, thrill seeking and challenge hungry must dare to complete this course. Situated at a soaring 6m above ground – that’s about two stories high! If the height is not incentive enough, there are 20 heart throbbing obstacles to contend with. How many times will your wobbling knees allow you to repeat the course in the allocated time?

Falcon Zipline (Orange)

Zipline: Extreme zip-line
Designed for only the extremely fearless Tree Top Adventurers. Launch yourself from a 10m high platform for an adrenalin pumping flight down the Falcon Zipline. Soar over the picturesque body of water and land +/-100m later on the river bank.

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